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My name is Gerry McGregor and married to Christine. I am in my 60's and live in the Far North of Scotland, here in the UK. I have 4 children & 4 Step-children but they have all left home now. In 2009, we lost my beloved son Kristian at the age of 29, thoughts of him will always brings sorrow to my heart but looking at his smile brings a smile to me. My lovely children are making my retirement joyous with grandchildren. Shame we all live so far away, never see enough of them.

For those of you who have been here before you will see that things have greatly changed. I have now moved to Caithness in Scotland with my wife Chris and our dogs. People regard this area as remote. Along with Sutherland, Caithness is the most northly county on the UK mainland and so it sounds as if it should be remote. Looking out of the house it does seem remote but Wick is only 5 minutes away, with its airport, train station, hospital with A & E, a large supermarkets and 2 smaller ones as well as a number of other shops, hotels and restaurants.

The big love of my life is Sunderland Football Club, come and have a look Badge Learn more about the club and try to understand why anyone would go though the agonies we do. With crowd averages reaching nearly 40,000 a few people think it is worth it.

I have an disease called Hirschsprung's. It is a disease where cells are missing from when the colon was formed. This is a problem that is usually diagnosed in early childhood, as it was in my case. In my 40's I had further problems with it. For those that have an interest in the complaint I have written up my history on my history page. I run a support group called The Hirschsprung's & Motility Support Network. This is an support group for parents from all parts of the world, who have kids with Hirschsprungs, NID and other associated bowel disorders.

If you would like more information on the group then this can be found on The Hirschsprung's & Motility Support Network or HMDSN for short. You can also e-mail for more information.

I hope that you find this site informative. Please contact if you feel that I could be of help.

To contact me then please me at gerry mcgregor

This site was last updated 24th September 2015


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